👋 Hi! My name is Nathan.

🌏 What I’m doing now

I currently live near Seoul, South Korea and I’m now serving my military duty for my country until July 2022.

👨‍💻 What I (used to) do

I’ve built multiple mobile apps and web services so far, and I’m exploring the broader world of computer science now.

🚀 What inspires me

I inspire to utilitize the power of computer to improve everyone’s life! I wonder and imagine how far we, as humans, will be in 10 years.

✨ Other things I’m interested in

And also, I love videography and photography! Capturing beautiful moments and telling interesting stories always excites me. 🎥📸

🔭 Ways to reach me

You can find me on GitHub, Instagram and YouTube. Also I have berict.com as my personal website, and you can see more of my work and experiences there.